Y'ello Everyone :D My name be Liam! I am 18 and I love to post to you, the lovely readers some of my thoughts and creations, relevant to my life. My friends see me as a crazy fool, but my close friends and now you guys will get to see the real me :) This blog will pretty much consist of some poetry that I will have wrote, my favourite songs, maybe a bit of comedy, and just the things that make my life bearable and make me.. ME! ;D


Beautiful Blue Eyes and Me

I once had the great fortune of happening upon a girl around my age once in a chance encounter in The Marlands shopping centre, Southampton. I’ll never forget that day. Her beauty was astounding. She had the most amazing, sapphire blue eyes so deep you could lose yourself in them for hours and it shone 1000 times more radiant when stood next to the ugly grease ball of a boyfriend she had at the time, my only thanks to him being was that he was the cause of said encounter that day.

The conversation was brief and short lived and we parted ways. But I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Those lovely blue eyes in my every thought. Thanks to the world of social media however we managed to stay connected and I eventually got to speak to her via text. Two relationships fell, both to the cruelty of the guys in both. Before the last relationship I had expressed feelings but obviously she was then with someone so I had nearly decided to give up. However to my surprise one day I received a text one day and it was her, expressing a desire to want to see me again as the only time we’d ever met was that day all that time ago. I obviously agreed, I’d have to be crazy not to and we decided on Pizza Hut.

I’ll never forget the first words we exchanged:
“Hello, you look lovely”
*she looks up*
“Fuck you’re tall”
“Oh is that a problem?”
“I hate tall people they tower over me…”
It was then I knew this’d be the start of something beautiful.

July 20th is the day I finally asked her to be with me. It was modern day romance, a FaceTime call while at my best friends house….
It felt great to finally call her mine.

We had 13 months of happiness. There were ups and downs as in every relationship, but to me those were the most perfect 13 months I’ve ever had. My only regret is my laziness, and that if I had sharpened up and been the best I could be earlier, what happened may have been avoided.

This comes to the end of our tale (“At least for now” He says, crossing his fingers, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes)
Our relationship ended Tuesday the 19th of August. Although I was devastated and obviously still am, I’m still holding out hope. We’ve stopped contact though I know she will see this story. I don’t know what made me write this I feel I just wanted people to know. We will resume contact on the 12th of October.

To Ria Ann Sophronia Walker,

Thank you for those perfect moments and if I’m the lucky man I hope I am, fortune will strike again and you’ll be back in my arms :’)

I promised when we first got together to never stop loving you and to never give up on you. Here I am now 13 months and 28 days later still staying true to that promise. I love you. Never forget that.

- Liam Paul Stephenson